TM-D710GA APRS Settings

Lee Besing

Now that I got my radio back from Kenwood, repaired, I'm trying to set up the aprs on it. I set up the A band as the data band, which was the default, and I inserted my call sign where it said no call, then added an SSID of - 7 only because I've got other tiny tracker units using some of the other numbers. But for some reason, I can't seem to get it to show up on APRS.FI.

I have the GPS! icon turned on & it is flashing. It updates the time upon first link.

Should the radio time be set to my local time, CDT, or to UTC time? I can see where that would keep something from showing up in a timely manner if the date is wrong. I left the oyher default settings alone.


De N5NTG Lee

I tried Smart beaconing & timed beaconing. I set up text msg #1 to transmit every other time.

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