Re: Keyboard with D-710G


Thanks very much for that, Mark. It's a pity, he has some nice, and obviously fairly recently introduced, products on there, but the site certainly seems designed to avoid contact with potential purchasers!

I'm on the case, though, and will try and make contact by other means. 

Many thanks, 

Bob, G8IYK

On Wed, 27 Feb 2019 at 3:33, Mark Wolff
<N4MEW.Mark@...> wrote:
It took a bit of searching my old email records, appears I picked up one of the these kits back in 2012 for my 700 go kit:

W2FS still has a web site up:

But nothing there about his old 700 keyboard interface kit.  Too bad, it's compact and works great.  I'm far from my house and rigs for the next several months or I'd offer at least a photo of the PCB, perhaps he might be persuaded to at least share the schematic if one asks nicely?


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