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Believe 2nd statement is incorrect
 We run a USB cable to computers in out sar vechiles to do live tracking of other vechiles during a search 

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Hi, All, 

I'm returning to APRS again after a break of a few years and trying to get to grips again with the amazing range of features and commands of the 710.

I'm doubtful if I shall use Packet again (any input from UK hams on the level of activity would be very useful) but am trying to understand an anomaly in the documentation.

Page 39 of the "basic" manual shows a serial cable connected from the PC port on the main radio unit to the serial port of a PC.

However, page PACKET-1 of the more detailed manual says "do not connect a computer to the PC terminal of the TX/RX unit" .

Or does this latter sentence mean not to connect in this way when there is also a connection to the PC from the DATA port to the PC?

Best regards, 

Bob, G8IYK
North Norfolk. 

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