TM-D710G TNC Strange Output

Burt Wizeman <burt@...>


I am new to this group.  I have been working several days on this problem. When I hookup either a Windows or Linux PC to the radio via a FTDI USB to Com cable, I get this dump when I switch to the TNC.  APRS Functions fine but I cannot seem to access the TNC for Winlink or via a terminal program beyond the intro lines and the c.
If I switch to APRS, I will see some of the commands I send to the TNC on the command line but nothing on the receive. Only some of the commands show up.
So, two separate OS and both display the same problem.  Any suggestions?









Kenwood Radio Modem

AX.25 Level 2 Version 2.0

Release 09/Mar/11 3Chip ver 1.02

Checksum $1859


Burt Wizeman

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