D710ga questions

Stephen Brown

Hi all, 
     Picked one of these up at Dayton this past weekend and got it installed in my vehicle. 

Have a few questions: 

- If I am in memory mode, is there a way to display the memory name vs. the frequency? I see the memory name in small letters on the display, but would rather see the name if possible. 

- With APRS, if I set DCD to ignore and run the squelch open with the volume down, am I gaining anything from a decoding perspective? I've run APRS years ago this way in the past, just not sure it's optimal. 

I've been considering one of these for a while now, I've never had a Kenwood mobile transceiver in this series, but have had plenty of portables. I've had the TH-D7, D72, and now a D74. Fantastic radios, I suspect my experience will be the same with the D710 ;) 


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