Re: TM-D710A Side B goes deaf - requires power cycle

John Huggins

I found this bit on another forum...

" When the filters go bad, they do not start working well again. I am in agreement with your thoughts on the issue being the bad cable."

So with my intermittent behavior, I'm wondering if it is not the filter.  Will mess with it some more, but appreciate other thoughts.

John, kx4o

On Thu, May 3, 2018 at 5:25 PM, John Huggins <> wrote:

Thanks much for the response. The serial number from the box is B1100050. I'm not sure how to square this with the numerical range you sent.

More testing tonight shows the B side receiving going completely deaf and back intermittently. I switched to the A channel for drive time talking with the locals on the repeater and that works fine. I will do more testing from some of the test tricks I see folks suggesting (change from wide to narrow filter, etc.) and see what I learn.

Thanks again.
John, kx4o

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