Software for the TM700A ??? 11/26/17

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Here is how I do SkyCommand, APRS and Digital modes from my
Mobile & Handy Talkie. It sounds more difficult than it 
actually is. Install and configure one portion of the system
at a time. Test it, and debug as needed. Then do the next .... 
etc etc You can spread out the purchase of the items to manage
costs over time.

I very much enjoy using the features of Kenwood radios. One is
called Kenwood Sky Command

The other is called APRS.

The radios have built in TNC's for sky-command digital 
interfacing. A Kenwood hf radio in the mobile is cabled to 
the vhf/uhf radio that is controlling its frequency, mode, and
transmit / receive operations.

APRS is part of the Kenwood vhf/uhf dual band radio. GPS may be
external for some vhf/uhf dual band radios such as the TM-D700AG
or internal as in the TM-D710AG.

TMD-700AG needs and external GPS receiver to provide coordinates.
Used an external Deluo Universal model for years. Still have
this unit. It is round with a magnetic base to stick on the roof.
Cable reaches into the vehicle to plug in to the laptop for
what ever program that needs gps data. One model uses a usb
arrangement, and the older version I have for the Kenwood 
TMD-7AG HT to use has the adapter cable that plugs into the 
walkie talkie connector for GPS data. 

Deluo GPS5 Universal Magnetic Puck is still here with the
interface cables needed for use with the Kenwood TH-D7AG.
Yep, still have the HT too .... hi hi

An external navigation map display shows the location of my
station as I drive around, and also shows the locations of
other stations using sky-command. I do configure the mobile
so its transmitted coordinates have the last two digits for
latitude and longitude truncated. That puts my actual position
a few miles from its real position to thwart theft of gear.

Currently I am using the AvMap Navigation model GeoSat G5 
Navigator and it provides the GPS signal to the TM-D700AG and
displays the heard APRS stations on its map display from either 
radio D700 or D710 (no computer needed for either radio control).

The AvMap model GeoSat G6 can also be used.

These are the only two models I know of that display the aprs
data from the Kenwood radios to the navigation map display.

Recently I upgraded to using the TMD-710AG vhf/uhf dual bander
which has a GPS unit built in to its control panel. It will
soon replace the radio in the vehicle and I wont have to
use a separate gps puck. However a separate GPS can be
used with the TM-D700AG if you want the outside pickup
of the GPS satellites. So far I have found the built in
GPS part of the TM-D710AG control display panel to work just

A remote Kenwood dual bander using sky-command links to the 
mobile dual bander sky-command system. Using a walkie talkie
for this remote radio lets me take walks and operate the HF
rig as if I was there with me. I can from the HT change 
modes, frequency, etc of the remote hf radio.... and of 
course controlling the transmit from the HT to the dual 
bander in the vehicle.

Radios Are:
HF: TS-480HX in the mobile, and cabled up to a dual bander
Dual Band at HF mobile site: Kenwood TM-D710AG (with sky-command)
Dual Band at Base operation location: TM-D7100AG (with sky-command)
Dual Band HT: Kenwood TH-D7AG (with sky-command)

Cabling Up For SkyCommand:

 Kenwood TS-480 TM-D700A ** Cable Set ** Sky Command

Note these are for the TMD700 Dual band radio

The following link will open a page that has just about all the 
cables you should need.**+Cable+Set+**+Sky+Command+.TRS0&_nkw=Kenwood+TS-480+TM-D710A+**+Cable+Set+**+Sky+Command+&_sacat=0

Note these are for the TMD710 Dual band radio

Both radios use a standard straight connected serial cable from
the dual band radio to the hf radio. Standard shielded audio
in and out cables are also needed using the connectors that
your radios require.

Here is what I use for the software so I can save memory data for the
radio. It is much easier to create and modify memory files on the 
computer and upload them to the radio than to create them on the 
radio alone.

KRS-D710G USB Cable & RT Systems Software TM-D710G

73 from Bill - WD8ARZ
South Bend, Indiana

On 11/18/2017 9:46 AM, w1ljm@... [TMD700A] wrote:
Could the group recommend any links for software for the TM700A?

I was specifically looking for programming software to set up the database of local repeaters and

for firmware upgrades.

I did some online reading an saw that Kenwood did have free software for both, but I can not find

any links that have valid downloads.

Thank you, - Frank "73's"  Posted by: w1ljm@...

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