Re: FULLDUP tnc command: How?

David Ranch

Hello Roy,

403: no such option, "Cross Band" (other options "Locked Tx: A Band", "Locked Tx: B Band"
517: no such option (500 menu is GPS settings)
529: no such option (as above)

(this is D710G)

Ok.. seems the G is quite different than the A at least in configuration.  I guess the next step would be to upgrade the radio to the current firmware to see if that helps.  Beyond that, I'd recommend to take this topic to the TM-D710_TM-V71@... list (I'm there too) to see if anyone has any direct "full duplex" experience. 

Both bands are in VFO mode so as to make doppler adjustments.

Got it.. btw, as I mentioned before, the D710A supports rig control so this can be made to work very well.  Since you're a Linux guy, Gpredict should work well though it only natively supports the FT817/857/897.  I can't imagine it would be too hard to change it to use a D710's hamlib command.

PS - Just tried a pass with DCD Sense on - and it prevents Tx whenever the squelch is open, even if there are no packets on the Rx frequency, so that wasn't it.   So it will go back to "ignore" for now.

Hmmm.. ok.  That's interesting.  I would have thought that FULL DUPLEX would have disabled that behavior.  I do know that the D710A's TNC really doesn't support open squelch properly which is a pretty big shortcoming for classic packet use. 


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