Re: FULLDUP tnc command: How?


105:  off
403: no such option, "Cross Band" (other options "Locked Tx: A Band", "Locked Tx: B Band"
517: no such option (500 menu is GPS settings)
529: no such option (as above)

(this is D710G)

Both bands are in VFO mode so as to make doppler adjustments.


PS - Just tried a pass with DCD Sense on - and it prevents Tx whenever the squelch is open, even if there are no packets on the Rx frequency, so that wasn't it.   So it will go back to "ignore" for now.

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Hello Roy,

Just thinking outside of the box here but what do you have configured on the D710 head itself:

   - 105 (S-meter squelch) : should be OFF
   - 403 (voice repeater mode)
   - 517 (voice cross band)
   - 529 (packet cross band)

Also.. are you using BAND-A and BAND-B in VFO mode or Memory mode?  I wonder if these settings have an interaction here


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No, it's not up-to-date on firmware.   I'm going to have to find a windows machine that I can install the Kenwood software on, or tinker with installing it on one of my linux machines with WINE.... as I don't have a windows machine.

I will try switching the DCD back on, first, though.   I have not run it that way since turning on FULLDUP, so it's a worthwhile experiment.


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