Re: FULLDUP tnc command: How?

David Ranch

Hello Roy,

Just thinking outside of the box here but what do you have configured on the D710 head itself:

   - 105 (S-meter squelch) : should be OFF
   - 403 (voice repeater mode)
   - 517 (voice cross band)
   - 529 (packet cross band)

Also.. are you using BAND-A and BAND-B in VFO mode or Memory mode?  I wonder if these settings have an interaction here


On 09/27/2017 08:52 AM, royldean@... [TMD700A] wrote:


No, it's not up-to-date on firmware.   I'm going to have to find a windows machine that I can install the Kenwood software on, or tinker with installing it on one of my linux machines with WINE.... as I don't have a windows machine.

I will try switching the DCD back on, first, though.   I have not run it that way since turning on FULLDUP, so it's a worthwhile experiment.


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