Re: FULLDUP tnc command: How?


I responded to this last night, but for some reason it never posted:
A Band (Tx) is 145.840
B Band (Rx) is 435.103

Not sure why you would suggest "just let the TNC see and ignore all those packets"?   I want the TNC to decode ALL packets on the Rx band, while simultaneously encoding and transmitting packets on the Tx band.

Rig control has nothing to do with this, what I am trying to accomplish is getting the TNC to encode/transmit at the same time as decoding the B band downlink.  Falconsat, unlike the ISS and NO-84 digipeaters, is full duplex.

Not sure what you mean about setting the squelch to the noise floor - I can set the squelch wide open on the Rx band it will decode the packets perfectly.   Also, with DCD in "ignore", it will Tx packets with the Rx squelch wide open as well, as long as it's not currently decoding packets on the downlink (which is precisely the issue - I want it to decode packets at the same time as encoding and transmitting packets on the uplink).

Hope that makes sense.


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Hello Roy,

Terminal successfully tells me that FULLDUP is on on, however, I cannot get full duplex TNC activity during a Falconsat pass.    While my B band is decoding packets on the downlink, I cannot send beacons or messages on the uplink A band.

What frequencies are you using on Band-A and Band-B?  They will need to be on different bands to work.

What I have to do to FORCE the transmit is to tune the Rx band down 5 to 10 kHz so that the TNC no longer sees packets - then there will be a flurry of Tx activity, then I quickly tune Rx band back to the proper frequency to resume decoding the downlink.

Not sure why you would want to do that.  Just let the TNC see and ignore all those packets.  If you really need this functionality, the D710 supports RIG control to control the two different VFOs.  I know that Hamlib support the the D710 today.

So is the only way to interface with the TNC when it is "PACKET12" mode?   I tried to switch the TNC to "APRS96" mode (which is what is needed for falconsat), and then you cannot send commands via the com port (behaves just like the TNC is off).

Packet12/96 is a classic Command TNC or KISS TNC.  If you want to support APRS traffic when in these two modes, you must have some other program to support the APRS stack communications.  This list can offer ideas here to you depending on the OS you're running (Direwolf, UIVIew32, APRSICE, Xastir, APRSSA, etc)  If you put the D710 into APRS12/APRS96, the radio's TNC handles all the APRS stack communications.  At that point, the TNC will only send APRS objects to the serial port but the TNC will no longer support regular TNC Command mode commands.

DCD sense is currently set to "Ignore".

Are you talking about Open Squelch support?  If so, it's not a supported feature (at least on the D710A) as it didn't work quite right.  As such, you'll need to set the RX VFO's squelch to the right level for the frequency's noise floor.  This is one of the big limitations of the D710's TNC vs. most modern TNCs like KPC3, PK96, Direwolf, etc.


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