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Randy Allen

I don't know how much difference there is between the menus for the D710A and the D710G, but in my manual the menu to set the Auto PM store is 521.  The menu number appears on the right side of the display as you move through the menus. It should be under the AUX menus.

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On 9/2/2017 13:25, va3mgn@... [TMD700A] wrote:

As a new member and a new comer to the D710G, I have a question re. how to save an APRS configuration to PM.  My default configuration is created for a "fixed" location.  However, I would like to also set one up for "mobile". This way I can call up APRS saved for a specific situation.  Bob Bruninga, describes this procedure on (published 29 June 2010), but implementing it at this time is where I need help.  There is also a reference for the need to keep AUX-AUTO_PM_STORE "OFF".  "That way one you have the radio configured and saved in PM, then you can always go back to that by selecting that in PM."  The problem is I cannot find AUX-AUTO.  Has Kenwood changed its menu format?  Or, am I not looking in the right place?  This seems to be an essential setting.  Is the there another setting that has taken its place?  Many thanks for help and suggestions.   Matt, VA3MGN     

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