Re: Question for the 710 owners out there.

David Ranch

Hello Pat,

Now here is the question the cable for the face plate, is this a cat 5 plug or the funky phone plug's as is on the 700. Plus I know (as I did this) on the 700 you could use a cat 5 to extend the mic cable is this still the same on the 710?

The radio body to D710 head connection is an RJ45 connector.  The radio body to microphone is also an RJ45 connection.  With that said, the cables themselves are special shielded cables to avoid common complaints found with classic CAT5 wire like "ticking on transmitted audio from the microphone", etc. when people try to use vanilla CAT5 wire and screw things up with non-strait through RJ45 to RJ45 couplers, etc.

Please see the archives here in this list and in the TM-D710_TM-V71@... group as this topic has been discussed (over and over and over). 


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