Re: Radio will reset every few times I turn it on

Eric Van Norman

Hello David,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

I've tried two different power supplies, and I even operated a net after after the reset (and entering in the frequency) so I think the power supplies are OK.

I did open all 3 fuse holders and pinched the holders. They did feel tight before hand.

I don't see the TNC turned on and hadn't used that in years so don't believe that anything changed there.

I haven't tried opening up the rig to try and find the battery backup and verify it's voltage. I'm not sure that it's value being low, but leaving the radio plugged into a power supply, should cause the reset behavior. I would think not, but easily could be wrong.

I could try and find a computer with a serial power supply to actually reset the TNC as well if that makes sense.

Eric, KF0S

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