Re: Radio will reset every few times I turn it on

David Ranch

Hello Burt,

For your D710 issue, this could be a power problem but maybe also SWR.� I would first try lowering the RF power on the TNC side and see if running on lower power levels lets you beacon (this both covers power draw but also potentially SWR issues). If you suspect DC power, start off with the fuse check.� If that doesn't help, then check the input voltage and maybe something has degraded in the power cabling area or maybe the car's battery.� Maybe try powering the radio from an AC power supply to compare.


On 08/09/2016 05:32 AM, Burt Sammis kango03@... [TMD700A] wrote:

I read with interest your post on what might be the remedy on the D710 resetting.� With the GPS connected and operating, mine would reset each time a packet received.

I disconnected the GPS and walla, the D710 is OK.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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