Re: PTT Intermittant

Randy Allen

I had a similar problem a few years ago with my TM731A, using the same mike (with a different connector, bought it aftermarket) as on the D700. IIRC The spring under the PTT button had sawed it's way through a cushion inside the mic. Bought replacement parts from Kenwood and no issues since then.

Can't find any of the documentation or related e-mails right now, but is something to look at if you determine the issue is with the mic.



On 5/12/2016 15:49, [TMD700A] wrote:

My TH-D700A is now on its 4th install location. It's been in 3
different vehicles and now has been retired to shack duty. It has
developed an issue with the PTT. When I key the mic, sometimes it
transmits and sometimes it doesn't. This doesn't seem to be the issue
using the packet terminal though. It transmits every time. Has anyone
had this problem before? I'm curious if its a physical issue with the
switch or its going brain dead.

Randy Allen, KAƘAZS

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