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Many years ago, I replaced the keypads in two of that style Kenwood mic for a blind ham. My memory is a bit foggy on this, but I do recall that the face keys used a carbon like product on the back of the membrane for conductivity. I believe the PTT was a small, mechanically actuated switch soldered to a simple PC board in the back of the mic, so cleaning may be effective if that board were removed for isolated cleaning. The replaced parts were inexpensive, easy to obtain & easy to install.

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My TH-D700A is now on its 4th install location.  It's been in 3 different vehicles and now has been retired to shack duty.  It has developed an issue with the PTT.  When I key the mic, sometimes it transmits and sometimes it doesn't.  This doesn't seem to be the issue using the packet terminal though.  It transmits every time.  Has anyone had this problem before?  I'm curious if its a physical issue with the switch or its going brain dead.

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