Re: Setting up for Cross-Band Operation

Mark Wolff

Certainly, haven't used it recently but my notes are as follows:

To Set up V/U operation:

- select VHF & UHF frequencies on A & B side


To resume normal operation:

- Change Menu 1-7-6 REPEATER, OFF
IIRC after you select cross band or back to normal ops, you have to power off and back on the rig. Or maybe that is only on the 710....
Mark / N4MEW
On 9/20/2015 9:09 PM, 'LARRY J. FORD' lford@... [TMD700A] wrote:



Does anyone have a good set of instructions for setting up the TM-D700A for cross-band ("X-Band") operation?

I find the manual's coverage of this topic very sparse and terse.

Any help appreciated.

Larry J. Ford

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