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Frank J Rossi Jr

Make sure your power supply is at 13.8 volts and the antenna output is terminated into a resistive load.
Also check the crimp connections on all the fuses. Seen several develop a resistance and get warm after a qso.
That causes a lower voltage and lower watts output. I re-soldered� all my fuse crimp connections and my power supply is directly
to a fused connection to the car battery + and -.
My wattage on 2 mtr goes down to 30 watts with the engine not running.
N3FLR - Frank

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Recommended Kenwood Service Center/Repair Shop for TM-D700A

Fri Jul�24,�2015 5:12�pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"LARRY J. FORD" lford1951

I think I need to send my Kenwood TM-D700A in for service, as I'm
getting lower than rated output on both VHF (max of 35-40 watts)
and UHF (max 10 watts) on the "High" power output setting.

I suspect, given the age of the unit (bought new about 15-16
years ago) the PA output transistors may be getting a bit "soft"
or there's another issue.

All my HF gear is ICOM, and I definitely know what shop to send
my ICOM gear to, but I haven't a clue as to the "Good, Bad, and
the Ugly" when it comes to Kenwood shops.

Any recommendations for repairs on the Kenwood TM-D700A? (Or,
conversely, shops to avoid, in which case feel free to contact me
off-line at K4AEC@...).

Thanks in advance.

Larry J. Ford
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