Re: D710 Inhibit APRS beacon

Randy Allen

Are you talking D710 (per the subject line) or D700 (this being a D700 group)?

For the D710:
Menu 601, set DCD Sense to "D or RxD Band".

Using the MCP-2A software, look under <Menu>, <APRS/NAVITRA>, <Internal TNC>, <DCD Sense>, "D or RxD Band"

For the D700:
Menu 1-6-2, <TNC>,<DCD Sense>, "A and B Bands"

Using the MCP-D700 software: <Radio Menu 2>, <DCD sense>, "A"and "B" bands

Hope this helps



On 5/15/2015 10:03, [TMD700A] wrote:
Is there a setting to inhibit the APRS beacon when the second receiver
is receiving a station. It is kind of annoying to have a conversation
when the beacon goes off and the other receiver blanks out.

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