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OK thanks for the heads up. Like I send I am the new guy here. I'll get that changed, was working off of my default from owners\setup manual.  THANKS

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Hello Mike, your path should really be changed, while it will work, it's far better to follow the new path scheme.  You'll see this now on

Last path: KD8ZCM>EB5V0R via RELAY,WIDE,qAR,W0FZY-1
It would be advisable to replace RELAY with WIDE1-1. WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 is generally a good path.

So, if you go to menu option: “PACKET PATH (3–B)” and replace what you have with the wide1-1,wide2-1 (as noted above) that would be better. 

And better still, if you are keeping the D700 in a fixed location, you can replace wide1-1 with your local digipeater callsign it would be a more direct beacon, so you would end up with something like this PACKET PATH of: KC8XXX-5,WIDE2-1 just replace that fake callsign with your local digi.

WIDE1-1 is best if you are mobile and your first hop always changes.

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