After 13 years......


and around a million or so miles bouncing around in an over the road truck, my D700 started acting weird. It would lock up, as if it could not process packets. Turning it on and off seemed to resolve it. Then it would act strange when turning on. This then progressed to freezing when turned on, and being completely unresponsive to any of the buttons.

A partial and then full reset had no effect on the situation. I was concerned the processor, or something else internally, was toast.

But from other's experience on this forum I thought I ought to try the cable head replacement. Got a phone handset cord at Wally World for about $15, and I still had a crimper for the larger end plug from back in the days of dial up attached modems,! Working radio again!

I only wish I had NOT tried the full reset prior to the cable replacement. Now I will have to find my saved file, and try to remember how to back up, cables, etc, with a newer laptop.



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