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Good morning John KK6NQK, all symbol strings transmitted have to be interpreted by the firmware in the TNC that displays it. You can check Kenwoods site about that at

As the Kenwood TMD710A TNC is much different than the TMD700A that I own, I am not sure if there are menu options to deal with it, though I wouldnt expect it. Several other discussion forums can probably nail this on down for you, especially the first two listed below.

Bob  Bruninga wb4apr@... is the source for all things related to APRS as he started APRS from the beginning. He also has a ton of information on a web site at:

Good luck and let us know what you ended up doing to resolve your issue.

73 from Bill - WD8ARZ
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On 11/16/2014 11:14 PM, John McNelly jkailimcnelly@... [TMD700A] wrote:
Hi All,
I have an Arduino set up with a TNC for APRS position reporting and messaging.  I am getting messages that look like this:

I am trying to have this interpreted as a mobile station with a balloon icon, GPS coordinates 2400.00N, 12100.00E.  The F= and A= stuff is GPS fix and altitude info that I am appending to the end of the packet as the status.

However, when I view my packets on the D710 station list, it shows up as “COMPRESS” and looks like this:

Why isn’t the correct symbol displayed, and how can I get the D710 to show me the GPS coordinates of my tracker?  I am trying to use this to track a weather balloon we are launching for school on Tuesday, and the D710 is my best hope of decoding the APRS packets to find out the balloon’s location and track it down.  I could always read packets off of P.MON, but with heavy APRS traffic it would make things much more difficult than if the coordinates were just displayed on the station list.


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