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Hum, i guess I've not seen an IC-706 display in sunlight, though it sure looks fine in ambient room light, with good contrast & very distinct characters. I used a TM-D700A display on a m/c handlebar, w/o any sun shade, for many years here in AZ while supporting events, like long bicycle rides, and never found it difficult to see.

73 de Dennis KD7CAC
Scottsdale, AZ

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I am puzzled at these comments, as the display on my TM-D700A is pretty
bright, even in bright ambient light/sunlight.

Even viewing it through polarized sunglasses it's more readable than the
display on the ICOM IC-706MKII mounted next to it in the vehicle.

Larry J. Ford

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> Mine is the same way. Matter of fact I was NEVER happy with the brightness
> of the display, always found Yaesu to be better. Don't even get me started
> on the blue display of the 7 series.

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