Re: Low audio on MC-53DM Mic

R. Patrick Ryan

Gabe KO6N

Have had this 'low volume' on transmit reported to me from time to time, and seems to me to occur when I have transmitted on the voice channel through a repeater at the same time that an an APRS packet was being sent on 144.390 MHz by this radio.
Power cycle (on-off-on) seems to clear the darn thing and restore volume to normal levels on the TM-D700 for voice operations.

Also, switching from B to A and back to B side also clears the low volume issue equally well, as in using VOP (Voice Over Packet) with a 100Hz tone with nearby APRS mobiles.

Before, I have also replugged the mike cord RJ connector while rig is turned off, but the main radio case is mounted under my mobile front seat and not convenient to reach.

Hope this helps!

73 de Pat.

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are you transmitting on Narrow band channels? 
Had a Ham member of our group narrow band his D700 and the volume was very low on transmit



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Hold it closer to your mouth?

Larry J. Ford

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> I just started using my Kenwood TM-700 again with the MC-53DM mic and I have
gotten a few signal reports that said that the radio had "low Audio".
> I've seen a few posts on the subject. Does anyone have a fix for this? I'm
assuming it is the mic.
> Any info or recommendations on this would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> KO6N
> Gabe

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