Re: TM-D700A Freezes

Jim Shorney

To the point. Modular connectors were designed for indoor environments where
they would be pretty much plugged in and left alone. NOT
dusty/hot/cold/humid/dry/wet/vibrating/bouncing mobile service. Mil-spec is not
really necessary either - just something between the two. Like the now-classic
4 (or more) pin screw-down popularized in the late 70s and 80s. But that's what
you get if you want smaller, cheaper radios.



On Thu, 24 Jul 2014 14:39:07 -0500, Brian Beuershausen
[TMD700A] wrote:

Modular RJ connectors are fine as long as there isn't continual stress or flexing at the termination and the disconnected cables are handled carefully. But you can say the same for nearly every other style. For stuff that is plugged in and stays that way, there's nothing special you need to do for an RJ connector that you don't also need to do for any other type.

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