Re: TM-D700A Freezes

Larry J. Ford K4AEC


Frankly, I consider the cables supplied with the D700A to be "substantial" as
compared to some other manufacturers products.

I guess at "some" additional expense Kenwood could enclose the control cable,
etc., in conduit or make them out of some sort of heliax, but that might make
them difficult to route!! ;-)

As licensed amateur radio operators, we have the option to make modifications
to our equipment to overcome perceived short-comings.


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My TMD-700A is 15-1/2 years old and is now in it's 5th vehicle using the
original separation cable. I've not had any problem with the modular
connectors on that cable or the one on the mic cable in all that time.

I worked for a ham radio dealer for over 11 years and, contrary to
popular belief, we almost never saw problems with modular connectors or
the "wimpy" separation cables. When we did, it was typically because
they had been abused or improperly installed.

73, Jim K5JG

'Jim Shorney' @NU0C [TMD700A] wrote:
I consider wimpy cables and modular "RJ" connectors marketed for the
environment to be a manufacturing defect.





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