Re: TM-D700A Freezes

Jim K5JG <k5jg@...>

My TMD-700A is 15-1/2 years old and is now in it's 5th vehicle using the original separation cable. I've not had any problem with the modular connectors on that cable or the one on the mic cable in all that time.

I worked for a ham radio dealer for over 11 years and, contrary to popular belief, we almost never saw problems with modular connectors or the "wimpy" separation cables. When we did, it was typically because they had been abused or improperly installed.

73, Jim K5JG

'Jim Shorney' @NU0C [TMD700A] wrote:

I consider wimpy cables and modular "RJ" connectors marketed for the mobile
environment to be a manufacturing defect.

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