Re: Just acquired a D700


Hi Steve,

I had the same issue when I got my d700. First thing I had to do when I made my cables, just because my eyes are not that good anymore, was replace the fuse inside the radio. I crossed two wires. I have a few spare fuses just in case you make your own. I would purchase them, if you can find them. The biggest problem making your own is the ground wire is not sheilded and any loose strand can cause issues, like a blown fuse which is surface mount by the way.
Second thing I would do is go to the Kenwood site:
and download this free program. Once you have power to the radio and a programming cable with a gender bender you can retrieve all the info and make an image of it. Chirp works as well but you can't program the APRS info with it, just the memories.
Third, have fun. This radio by far is the most fun I have had while mobile. I am just adding a nuvi350 so I can track data and stations on the go.

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