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Tom Crowley


I would scroll through and look at what is in the channel banks and the radio settings, write down what you can you then do a reset

D700 cables are different then D710.

The D700 I have I made the cable out of CAT5 cable and put the correct ends on it

If the gray matter is working this morning it is a 8 pin and 6 pin RG type plug




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Good Morning,  I just took ownership of a D700 and am looking forward to many years of use.  My unit has mfr date of 2005; and when purchased was missing the data cables.  So my first 2 questions for the group; 1) should I do a reset on the radio so as to start with a clean slate? 2) I have tried to determine if the data cables are the same as used for the D710; and if not; is there a company that has parts for the D700?

Thanks for your assistance and I hope to be using this radio soon


Steve WW4RX

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