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Charles Doughtie

1) A reset depends on you - did the previous owner have some repeaters in memory that you might want?
2) Cables other than power are not the same. You can make them up. Check the files in this group.
3)You might try PacParts Search eBay - someone lists a 3 cable set, another lists a serial cable for programming, etc. You will need a gender changer with a generic serial cable. If your computer does not have a serial port, finding a usb converter can be (was for me) a problem. I finally found one that would work with both my D700 and D7 at Fry's: PPA Int'l Item#3312 made in China, of course, UPC 8 33250 00331 2. I am sure there are others.

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Good Morning,  I just took ownership of a D700 and am looking forward to many years of use.  My unit has mfr date of 2005; and when purchased was missing the data cables.  So my first 2 questions for the group; 1) should I do a reset on the radio so as to start with a clean slate? 2) I have tried to determine if the data cables are the same as used for the D710; and if not; is there a company that has parts for the D700?
Thanks for your assistance and I hope to be using this radio soon
Steve WW4RX

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