Re: Display Problem


Thanks Steve. I thought the idea was a good one. I programmed the settings into PM1 and made sure autosave was on. I turned off the radio and waited a minute or so, and turned it back on. It came up properly and PM1 was displayed on the display. Giddy with hopefulness, I turned it off and grabbed a diet coke from the kitchen. This time I was gone 2 minutes. I turned it on an CH1 was displayed on each side, even though PM1 was displayed. I pushed the PM button, and instead of the happy "yes master" beep, I was instead greeted with the "no way" bonk. I turned the radio off, waited the obligatory 60 seconds, turned it on, and it was back to normal. So, for the time being, morning startup instructions remain the same: 1. Turn on radio. 2. Make coffee. 3. Return to radio, turn off, turn on. But as I said, I thought it was a great ideas!
Thanks, Gus k2gt/kh6 ve7gtc

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