Re: RS232 locked up


You might want to try a different software like Chirp,

or Link700,

One common problem with connecting and some software programs is the limited Com ports the program will let you choose, and the actual Com port the computer assigns when you connect. Be sure they match.

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Had the P.S. go bad and send a lot of AC ripple into my D700 I use for a base and an Igate.
Radio checks out ok on TX and RX but can not talk to it with a PC.
I have tried Kenwoods programming software to check the channel info and the Igate software can not talk to the radio.
I have tried different PC's and cables.
The only thing I have not tried is Reset, If that does not open the RS232 port I won't be able to reprogram with a PC all by hand.
Has anyone seen this and how was it fix

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