Re: D710 just went deaf

Thad Juszczak

Take a look at this link:

It describes a condition where the D-710 ceramic IF filters degrade because a constant DC is passed to them causing electrolysis to destroy the inner connections. He also provides a fix for the condition. See some of the other links on his page.

I understand that Kenwood made changes in more recent D710's to avoid this.


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Hello Group

Cross posted this from the D700 group as it looks like this might be where most of the activity is.

Short story long my 710 went just went deaf.

Almost nothing (except 59++) opens the squelch even at its most sensitive setting and the average S meter reading I'm getting is 2 bars on signals I know to be 59, lesser signals lighting only the busy light. If I manually open the squelch then strong sigs can be heard but still no meter reading.

This is affecting both VHF and UHF sides.

As far as I can tell TX is fine.

BTW its not an antenna problem (unless I have two busted mobiles and one busted base)and I have done a full master reset on the radio with no change.

Any one had this before?



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