Re: Dead Radio due to pulling control lead with power still connected


Look at this:

See location of fuse 902 in the Files section of this group.


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The results of my 1st search on the archives only returned answers quoting head components but I'll try again.

I don't suppose you just happen to know the part No. or location of this fuse do you?

Mind you if its the same size as the smd's in the head I won't be able to see it anyway haha.

I read years ago about pulling the cable out with the radio live blowing the radio.
I never knowingly did it with power on but always with power connected, as I wasn't about to rake around in the boot to pull the DC, and never had a problem across 4 cars and many years.

I'd roughed out the install in this one using a too short factory cable just to check everything worked (and it did!)then made a custom length one to feed through to the cab. The rig was dead. Tried the original but it stayed dead so I guess the damage was done. I must have screwed up the cable I suppose.

Still, it's only taken me ten months to get this far. A few more days/weeks/months won't hurt.



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Pulling the control head with power on will not kill the radio.
Disconnecting the cable with power on is a common way to get the radio to come back on with the same settings when the ignition in turned back on. I do it all the time.
It is normally a bad cable. The braided gnd lead is next to the 12V wire.
Some were assembled with frayed wires, the wiggle of disconnecting the cable shorts them.
A surface mount fuse in the main body blows. It can be jumper ed with a pico fuse
or another smd soldered to the top of the blown one.

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Hello All

During my latest install I seem to have killed old faithful.
I searched the archives and found a few threads suggesting one or sometimes more blown components in the head unit near the cable socket but I couldn't find any pics so I've posted one I just took of what I'm guessing is the right spot.

I would be grateful if anybody could confirm this for me.


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