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Steve - K9DCI,

I'll try to address one at a time. I've used Vista and the general display
from device manager is what I was referring to.

1. Well sort of. In your #A it shows 8 USB root hubs. These can be internal
hubs on a chip and could of course be 1 USB port per hub.

2. My intention on this one was if you always wanted the UCB to Serial Port
Adapter to show up the same way every time would to physically plug them in,
in the same order. Of course if you had shutdown the computer and restarted
it that would be unnecessary as things will come back usually the way they
were. This only pertains to it you moved the computer and unplugged the
ports and then cam back and re-inserted the ports. My laptop which is XP has
2 USB ports in the rear and one on the side. I have 2 internal ROOT USB
Hubs. If I plug the USB to serial adapter on either one of the rear
connectors it comes up as COM7, if I plug it in the side it comes up as
COM5. This is sort of what I was trying to get at.

3. Yes Device Manager is what I was indicating. When you expand ports and
you plug in a new USB serial adapter the O/S should automatically recognize
the plug-in device and try to install the new hardware or try recognize it
was plugged in and assign it a COM port number, sometimes different numbers
according to which internal USB ROOT Hub it was -plugged into. My Father had
a Gateway and using Vista Ultimate and this was how it would respond but
once in awhile it would assign the COM port correctly, which I just figured
was wired to the same internal ROOT HUB, much like if not exactly like my XP

4. Yes the port will only show up when it is plugged in and has had its
drivers loaded or installed.

Ben ARS w4qed

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... Linux OS


This is Vista. Things are slightly different. To say the least(:-)

... NOTE: the side USB port (hub) on a Laptop is not the same USB hub as
the rear ports usually.

This is on the verge of being over my head, but I'm willing to

1. I know what a USB hub is, I have an exernal one. It is safe to assume
they are used internally in the computer, rather than committing one I/O
space address to each physical USB port. That's reasonable.

... plug it in manually in a certain order ...
2. Plug it in manually? Do you mean to plug it in to the same physical USB
port every time?

and expand PORTS.

[[ I've had my nose pretty deep into various parts of this OS over the
last month, getting it set up the way I want it.]]

3. It's called "Device Manager" in Vista and there are no "Ports" unless
you add(install) them into Device Manager. I assume this is installing a
driver (from cabinet file), which isn't needed without a real Serial port.
The HELP sort of implies that these are only for hardware serial ports -
none here.

4. Perhaps one "Port" will appear (in Device Manager) when the adapter is
plugged in, but the Device Manager instructions *seem* to say that the
"Ports" category is only for Real, RS-232 Serial Ports.

#A. This laptop has 4 USB ports on the sides. I could see that a USB Hub
is probably used for internal devices. like the Modem as you say.

The Device Manager shows:
_eight_ USB Universal Host Controllers,
numbered 2934-293C (skip B)
One "USB Composite Device"
_eight _ USB Root Hub"s

The properties of none of these shows anything like a port number.


73, Steve, K9DCI

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