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Unlike many commercial radios which offer separate adjustments for MIC gain as well as deviation, this radio only has a deviation adjustment. It's best to have a service monitor because without one, you are literally "shooting in the dark" trying to adjust it. The steps are:

1. Strip and twist together the blue and orange wires on the small DIN pigtail that comes with the radio and insert in to DIN jack on radio.

2. Power radio off.

3. Hold down [F] & [TONE] (first two buttons to the right of the VFO knob) and power radio on. It should come up with frequency on one side and SQUELCH on the other side.

4. Scroll using the [TONE] key (right arrow in this mode) press it three times until you see MAX DEV with a hex value.

5. Key transmitter and while transmitting rotate the VFO knob clockwise to increase deviation. When desired value is reached press SET button to store new hex value.

6. Switch bands and repeat for opposite band.

7. When done, power radio off and remove DIN test jig, then power radio up normally.

8. Note: When you raise the deviation for voice, you also raise the deviation for DTMF as well, so you will need to disassemble the MIC and turn down DTMF deviation to about 3.5 KHz, otherwise, your tones may be too hot to decode.

9. Since I had to disassemble the MIC to set DTMF, I went ahead and drilled out the pinhole to a bigger size, as is documented elsewhere regarding this MIC.

10. Hex values that worked for me, using a service monitor were 65 for UHF and AA for VHF.


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Anyone know how/where to increase the mic gain/sensitivity on the 700?

Dave - KN7S

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