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... Linux OS


This is Vista. Things are slightly different. To say the least(:-)

... NOTE: the side USB port (hub) on a Laptop is not the same USB hub as the rear ports usually.
This is on the verge of being over my head, but I'm willing to speculate...

I know what a USB hub is, I have an exernal one. It is safe to assume they are used internally in the computer, rather than committing one I/O space address to each physical USB port. That's reasonable.

... plug it in manually in a certain order ...
Plug it in manually? Do you mean to plug it in to the same physical USB port every time?

In windows, pull up the START->CONTROL PANEL->SYSTEM->HARDWARE MANAGER and expand PORTS.
[[ I've had my nose pretty deep into various parts of this OS over the last month, getting it set up the way I want it.]]

It's called "Device Manager" in Vista and there are no "Ports" unless you add(install) them into Device Manager. I assume this is installing a driver (from cabinet file), which isn't needed without a real Serial port.
The HELP sort of implies that these are only for hardware serial ports - none here.

Perhaps one "Port" will appear (in Device Manager) when the adapter is plugged in, but the Device Manager instructions *seem* to say that the "Ports" category is only for Real, RS-232 Serial Ports.

This laptop has 4 USB ports on the sides. I could see that a USB Hub is probably used for internal devices. like the Modem as you say.

The Device Manager shows:
_eight_ USB Universal Host Controllers,
numbered 2934-293C (skip B)
One "USB Composite Device"
_eight _ USB Root Hub"s

The properties of none of these shows anything like a port number.


73, Steve, K9DCI

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... How do I know which COM
numbers are assigned to the USB ports. ...

73, Steve, K9DCI
It's critical because on two of the radios (706 & TH-F6A) I steal power from
the serial port for the level conversion circuitry.

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