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Hey Scott,

Welcome to APRS.

For some plain language and up to date explanations for the beginner.

In the Files area is the Folder:
K9DCI's Excel CAT & Beginner Guide & Mic quick guide

Which has the file:
APRS Beginner Guide - K9DCI Ver 4.pdf

Comments invited and welcome.

I believe I address UNPROTO, but not UIDIGI.

Simply, UNPROTO says that you are sending a packet TO all APRS stations. It must start with "AP". You don't need to, nor should you change this. The K means Kenwood and the rest defines the version.

UIDIGI is used when the radio is operating as a repeater and defines what it will repeat. IF you decide to do ANY repeating, please read up on this and request help.

73, Steve, K9DCI

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I have my radio up and running APRS but was asking what these two menu options do and any suggestions for the settings of them. Appreciate any help here.
Scott W8ATT

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