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Well if you have a serial adaptor that you can not get to work and no
longer have a use for, then send it to me. I'll try to use it. I currently
have a byterunner 8 serial port card, 4 USB hubs 6 USB serial ports, cameras
and data card programmer, card readers etc. and I never have enough serial
ports. With separate rig controls, home automation and HT's there seems like
never enough. That is just my main system, not counting my other computers
and laptop for the car. Of course most things can be solved with throwing
enough money at it, but besides Bill Gates who has it. So if you have a good
Laptop Auto Mount you aren't using then I could use that for my car also (99
Grand AM). I really like my TM-D700A for the car and the TH-D7ag for
carrying around.

I get most my rigs through Birthday or Christmas gifts once in a while.
Still a long list and still waiting on the 6 million, but that will only
come from Nigeria I think. Just I do not have enough Birthdays and
Christmas's to go in a year. HiHi.

I use several different off brand of USB to serial adapters but no Belkins
tried here as yet.

Only USB problem I've had with drivers has been trying to use two of the
same make of USB Cameras, computer gets confused once in awhile. I do not
have 2 or more of the same USB to serial adaptors either.

I'm constantly switching USB to serial adaptors from main system to laptop.
I really like the Signalink USB; although, I think it could be better on
transmit I use on yet another computer that has my MagicJack on it (24/7).
It receives far better than it seems to transmit; then again it could be my
TM-D700a's receive sensitivity in the car or my short height on my home
antenna with the rolling hills of Georgia.

Currently using FT-470, FT-100D, TM-D700a, TH-D7ag, FT-2800 and finally a RS
10 meter transceiver with a pk-232. All rigs setup for digital operation of
one type or another. Is D-Star next? Who knows what the next b-day will

Message Relevance: I usually have several serial cables hanging around here
at the house and the major problem I had was the wrong connectors and having
to use adapters for m/m or f/f. A standard USB to serial cable (USB-1200)
seemed to work just fine on the TM-d700a with a sex change adapter. The
adapter made things rather stick out a bit since it is mounted under the
dash on the floor. Next installation, next car, will orientate the cables
and antenna connections a different direction.

For driver updates or pick and choose I use Innovative syspack - DriverMax
has worked out pretty good for me (cost $, and not affiliated other than a
consumer). Just create a restore point every time as some drivers just don't
work quite right. Also use BelArc Advisor to make sure my system is up to
date or service packs and updates, checks things better than Microsoft
Update and it is free for home use. Driver updates did correct some
conflicts on USB to serial adaptors.

BTW - Just got an Opek 2/70cm (I think it is the VU-1501) mag mount antenna
for the TM-700a in the car and it was a real improvement from the short
comet I had before; although, with the tall Opek I had to mount it on the
trunk as the 5" mag mount would not hold antenna at 70 MPH when passing big
rigs. Probably should use the 3 - 5" mag mount system.

TM-D700A is my favorite rig.

Ben ARS w4qed

Quod erat demonstrandum!
That which was to be demonstrated!

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Although I agree with you that is best to have a real serial port in the
computer instead of a USB to Serial Adapter, with todays computers that is
something very hard; specially with consumer oriented market laptops. Now
about my experience with the USB to Serial adapters has been that some work,
some do not work well (or none at all).

Basically he just has to hope that his USB to Serial Adapter works. Seems
that not all manufacturers implement the USB to Serial logic right to the
full specs of the original serial. And just because you have a big brand
name in the adapter, does not give any warranty that it will work. I have
not worked with the belkin brand USB to Serial Adapters, but have heard of
lots of amateur having problems with that model in specific with many things
like TNC, Sound Card Adapters and/or Serial Programming interfaces with

Another thing he has to make sure is to have the correct and latest driver
of that USB to Serial Adapter to minimize chance of incompatibility with the



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My experience here is that doesnt work with the programming software for
the TMD700A

I had to get a *real* serial cable and hook it up to a real serial port
(ie. all 9 pins straight through).
a USB serial adapter would not work.

Now, i've done the other thing when i just wanted to run WinAPRS or
something with the radio, but if you're going to use a connection for
programming, its best if its a real serial port.

Billy Mason (E-Lists) wrote:
One could get the appropriate gender RJ45 to Serial Adapters and connect
them with a standard network (Ethernet) cable. A very simple and
way to make your own serial cables. Mix and match the genders of the
adapters and can cover all bases.


Billy Mason, KD5KNR

Bedford, TX


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