Re: Serial cable question

Glenn Dixon <dixonge@...>

and to add to the complexity, I'm using the USB-serial adapter on a


On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 1:31 PM, Francisco Diaz <np3od@...> wrote:


Although I agree with you that is best to have a real serial port in the
computer instead of a USB to Serial Adapter, with todays computers that is
something very hard; specially with consumer oriented market laptops. Now
about my experience with the USB to Serial adapters has been that some work,
some do not work well (or none at all).

Basically he just has to hope that his USB to Serial Adapter works. Seems
that not all manufacturers implement the USB to Serial logic right to the
full specs of the original serial. And just because you have a big brand
name in the adapter, does not give any warranty that it will work. I have
not worked with the belkin brand USB to Serial Adapters, but have heard of
lots of amateur having problems with that model in specific with many things
like TNC, Sound Card Adapters and/or Serial Programming interfaces with

Another thing he has to make sure is to have the correct and latest driver
of that USB to Serial Adapter to minimize chance of incompatibility with the



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