Re: Miles on D700?


Mine has been in a truck since 7/01 at about 100K+ per year, so I am
closing in on 3/4 of a million miles with it. Only 2 problems so far.
While still under warranty, after transferring between trucks, it
blew the surface mount fuse. Repaired by Universal Radio, but the
tech said it took him a few tries. After replacing the fuse and
shaking the radio a bit, it blew again. Turned out it was an
untrimmed bit of wire sticking too far below the circuit board and
shorting against the case. More recently have lost the ability to use
the zero key on the mic for use with creating text msgs for APRS.
Other keys ok so far, but sometimes reluctant to work when cold.
Garmin Etrex that I have used the entire time screen is just about
completely blank too.


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One deer strike and pin ball with a moose. Of course, not much of a
when mounted on 18 wheels! :-)


Andrew O'Brien wrote:

Pride yes, job no.

My D700A has only 108,000 but has survived three deer hits !

On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 7:30 AM, Eric Foster <TheHaymaker@...
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Anyway, to keep on topic, who's got the most miles on a TM-
D700? Mine
has survived somewhere in the area of 500,000 miles. So far
only failure
has been a loose so239.

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