Re: Stolen control head.


1 - The radio powers down about 4-5 seconds after the head is
disconnected. I haven't tried to power it up from the computer.
There is a power on/off command, but I haven't gotten to trying it yet
and am unable to try it now. Perhaps someone else has.

2 - The RC-2000 manual says it will work on the D700 and makes no
mention of serial number limits. I should try mine.

73, Steve, K9DCI

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Has your friend tried using a program called "Ham radio deluxe" it
might work with the radio, it's worth a try. (I haven't tried it but
I'm going to now that I thought of it)
If it works he can at least use the radio as a base with a PC, but
if he wants to get rid off the radio body I'll take it.

73 de VK4kac, Bernie

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Subject: [TMD700A] RC-2000

Howdy! I am sure this has been asked & answered before, but after
what S/N is the D700A supposed to work with the RC-2000? I have a
friend that has a D700A from an estate and somebody who was supposed
to help him with the equipment stole the control head, so of course
the radio is useless now. Any help would be appreciated.

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