Re: Stolen control head.


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Kenwood is now selling a control head that supposedly works with the
TM-D700A (and some other models) and gives them some of the
functionality of
the TM-D710. I think it's the RC-D710.

I don't think Ham Radio Deluxe will work. I'm not sure how you would
interface the PC to the radio and HRD does not list the radio as a
Almost but not quite. The RC-D710 control head will not work with the
D700 as a control head. The RC-D710 control head contains the TNC
related electronics so that you can have the APRS functionality on any
radio with a 6 pin mini-DIN connector. However, for true radio
controls, the RC-D710 head will only work with the TM-D710 body or the
TM-V71A body. When used on these bodies, the RC-D710 will give you
full control over the radio. When used on any other radio (including
the TM-D700), you will only get TNC/APRS abilities and nothing else
(frequency readouts, volume control, etc.)

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