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Libor <ok1alx@...>

hey guys,

i have tried the following procedure (multiple times already), but i
always get stuck at the same spot:
Now type "TNC 1" this puts the radio back in APRS mode
Wait until "Opening TNC" Goes away
the "OPENING TNC" message doesn't go away :( until PM or hard reset of
Any more tips?

Iam really sad about this, i was used to use the radio and TNC almost
on daily basis, and now ... ?

Thanks for help!!

OK1ALX - Libor

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TM-D700 "Opening TNC" hang up
Here is a simple fix for the "Opening TNC" hang up without doing a
I tracked the problem down to the GPS feature. I found I could duplicate
the problem if it was on and you break the computer serial connection
while its sending gps data. You will lock up the next time you
switch back
to APRS mode. You can send the following commands in a terminal
session to
unlock it.

Open Hyperterm at 9600,N,8,1
type "TC 1" this means Terminal control on
Now type "GU 0" This turns the GPS option off
Now type "TNC 2" this puts the radio in "PKT" or packet mode
Wait until "Opening TNC" goes away
Now type "TNC 1" this puts the radio back in APRS mode
Wait until "Opening TNC" Goes away
Now type "GU 1" or "GU 2" 1 is 4800 NEMA while 2 is 9600 NEMA
Finally type "TC 0" to take the radio out of terminal control

David Hoffman - KE4FGW

This is a known problem with the D700 when you previously had a
connected and used the radio in packet mode.

There is a set of commands that need to be sent to the radio by the
to successfully reset the TNC. I'll try to find them in the group
and resend them out. If you don't have immediate access to a computer
you can do a VFO reset as an alternative but then you will need to
all of the internal APRS settings.


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Have a problem with a TMC700 Here, it just sits at "Opening tnc"
when you
try and turn the TNC on.

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