anyone have a quick setup guide for APRS and using


Hello Group,

After owning my TMD-700a for the past 7 years, I finally decided to
wire up the GPS cable. I have the old Garmin GPSIII+ (incidentally the
same exact model pictured on the front of the sales cut sheet
advertising the D700a). I was just wondering if anyone has a real quick
guide to setting up the radio settings. I already know about setting
the GPS properly. I want to start out my APRS learnings with doing a
simple tracking packet. Like being able to have a friend log in to and check my present position. Do you have to "register" or
anything with findu to appear on the site?? Also I think I remember it
being covered, but what is the simplex frequency for using APRS on 2M
band? Thanks for your help!

Jay (KC0JAN)

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