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Looking through my saved messages, it appears this is the way you have to
reset the TNC.

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When you do a "Reset" on the radio it does NOT reset the TNC to reset
the TNC go to Hyper Terminal from Start in Windows:
Setting up hyper Terminal to work with tmd700a.
For packet use it only uses 1200 baud on TH-DAG, tm-D700a and TS2000
which has a very simple built-TNC.

Hyper Terminal Setup: RESET

a. start hypertermal and set it for correct port and same speed as
set for packet(1200), while PC is connected to tm-d700a via a cable
to its 9 pin connector.
b. turn on packet mode pressing the Fbutton for about 2 seconds
and then press TNC button until you see TNC PKT in the top of the d700a
display. Tnc parameters should now be accessible.
c. Performa a TNC Reset command via the hyperterminal screen i.e
THis is necessary because the d700a never resets the TNC, not even
during a full radio Reset..

The above info is a direct quote from Kenwood -KCC-
Amateur@... - dtd 7/23/07..

73 Howard k4qb

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This is a known problem with the D700 when you previously had a computer
connected and used the radio in packet mode.

There is a set of commands that need to be sent to the radio by the computer
to successfully reset the TNC. I'll try to find them in the group archives
and resend them out. If you don't have immediate access to a computer then
you can do a VFO reset as an alternative but then you will need to reprogram
all of the internal APRS settings.


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Have a problem with a TMC700 Here, it just sits at "Opening tnc" when you
try and turn the TNC on.

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