Why are the local repeaters not getting used???


I saw this on one of the local groups I follow, and thought I would share this with you.....
Mike, K4MJF

Why are the local repeaters not getting used?

I think we have to look no further than ourselves for the answers.

Amateur radio is a hobby of personal preferences, many modes, technical disciplines and personal interaction. It is and always has had a social element.
One of the complaints that I hear voiced is that there is no activity on the repeaters. No meaningful conversations. You don't need to be on the highest profile repeaters to enjoy a good conversation.

One friend of mine went through the Atlanta area last week and put his call out on every machine in the Atlanta area. Not a single person acknowledged his calls. So the non use of local repeaters is not just in our area.

Most of us have been around for a long time and can remember when virtually every repeater had activity especially during the morning and afternoon commute times and after dinner.
Times change and so do people. Work, family and other commitments cause the hobby to take a back seat. It creates a curve to speak of. Sometimes we just have to ride it out.

So if you just sit there and listen, or kerchunck the repeater and don't say a word....no one knows your out there. 

It's all up to you.

Have a great weekend,
George K4ETN

Michael J. Foley, K4MJF
Tellico Lake Amateur Radio Club Vice President
Smoky Mountain Amateur Radio Club
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