Whitestone 30K Paint Rock Tennessee Sunday, February 21st

David Weikert


Loudon County ARES has been invited to assist Roane County ARES for the fifth year with the Whitestone 30k road race (18.6 miles) on Sunday, 2/21/2021 in Paint Rock (Roane County). This joint public service event will help strengthen our relationship with our neighboring agencies and practice our skills as communicators.

I am extending this invitation to the Tellico Lake Amateur Radio Club.   


Estimated time will be from 07:00 to 13:00. The race begins at 08:00 and ends around 12:00. Between 07:00 and 07:20 we will have a pre-operational briefing at the old (vacant) Paint Rock Grocery located at 1387 Loudon Highway, Kingston TN 37763. This is at the corner of Highway 72 and Paint Rock Road. We will meet for a hot-wash afterward.


We will pair you with a Roane County or Loudon County ARES member.


We will operate on a portable repeater. The backup will be simplex, which means you'll need a mobile radio with a mobile antenna. If you do not have a mobile radio, you CAN volunteer - we will make arrangements.

The event is also designed as an exercise to practice skills such as relaying messages when other stations are out of simplex or repeater range. A dual-band HT with an extended range antenna will probably work just fine. Bring a backup battery or radio.

If you are able to attend, please click Reply To Sender at the bottom of the e-mail and not the reply button so we don't spam everyone. If you volunteer, I will send you the race details on an ICS Form 201.

Thanks and 73!

David Weikert


Emergency Coordinator - Loudon County ARES