Stealth Antennas ... for TLARC members

George N2APB

Hey all,
With the growing interest we've been seeing in "Stealth Antennas", we've started a new section for our website, exploring and discussing "stealthy ways" for TLARC members to get on the bands in HOA-sensitive communities. 

The most recent addition is the Bird Feeder Vertical, contributed by 
Mike KM4H who recalled the presentation a fellow from the Village did for the ARES group some years back.  Mike says, "The author (Dennis Russell, K9VFU) did a very nice job camouflaging his vertical – you may note that he even glued bird seed to the glass panels to make it look like there was feed inside.  He seemed to do pretty well with it as the logs attached to his program indicate. Maybe this will give some others some useful ideas."  Thanks for the info Mike!

For now just click on the desired antenna type pictured on our TLARC home page to learn more about that one.  Soon, we'll have a dedicated Stealth Antennas page full of additional tried-and-true antennas, references and guidance to enable us all to be on the air from 160m-70cm!

73, George N2APB

PS: Remember the old commercial jingle from back in the 60s? ... "It's Slinky, it's Slinky, the favorite for girls and boys"  This is a hint for the next Stealth Antenna to be explored ;-)